Gems of the Week 20.09.17

(a.k.a) Reflecting on 5 good things that happened this week.

I've just checked back on the last "Gems of the Week" article I added and realised it was in MARCH - before I even started trading. Sooo things got busy. This list is actually a couple of weeks old too, but I had such a good week I thought I'd still share. I'm also having a bit of a crappy week this week so I think it's good to review the whole #rollercoasterworld of startups.

Gems of the Week:

  • Huckletree Alpha Programme: Whilst away I heard that I had been accepted onto a technology accelerator programme, which was the most amazing news. Shout out to the guys at Comb who recommended I apply! It means I get to be part of the co-working space for a whooping THREE months plus an extra desk for an intern (which I'm currently hiring for). Not only was it so amazing starting the week at my new office space (buh-bye crappy desk in my bedroom) but they have also been so supportive! I've already booked in pitch practice and met some of the other startups who genuinely have all been amazingly and helpful so far. It can be so so lonely working alone and I can't express what a difference it makes for me to be in a positive work environment (aka forced to get out of my PJs and interact with other human beings). As cheesy as it sounds, I felt like I was walking on air all week getting to come into such a collaborative and inspiring space. Having the three month period also means I feel really motivated to make the most of the opportunity and really propel Glitzbox forward.

  • Competitions! I've been entering a bunch of startup competitions recently and this week randomly I heard back from loads. It felt like everything I applied for I got through to the next stage of which was such a boost (and not always the case!). Most are small competitions, but I think it's a great way to validate the concept and have more people hearing about Glitzbox. Even if I don't win any of them it's also a great experience. For example on of them is The Pitch 2017 and Glitzbox was selected for the final 50. This means I get to go to a bootcamp to learn how to hone my pitching skills and perfect a 90 second (hello how short is that?!) pitch. I also get to meet lots of other start ups and have some one to one sessions. Plus I'll be pitching to a room full of people and you never know who could be listening!

  • Lovely jubbly customers. I sent out boxes the week before which was a major task as I (stupidly) took my first holiday since starting Glitzbox bang in the middle of dispatch week. It meant a lot of pre-prep, but eventually all the boxes were packed up and ready to go for the day I got back from hols. September was the first month after our Pop Up and we sold out of boxes, so I received a lot more feedback than usual which was GREAT. We were sent lovely messages, pictures and comments from new and old members which was SO rewarding. I'm always curious what people think, so it's amazing hearing positive comments directly from our members!

  • Meeting an Accountant. This may not sound super exciting, but it was really great! The day wasn't going well at all initially. Long story short I was exactly 57 minutes late to the meeting. I did that stupid thing of over booking myself and not calculating in travel time across London. I then also got the time completely wrong which obviously made matters worse. However he still agreed to see me and put me at ease right away (even though I was flustered, red and a tad sweaty). I was introduced to the Accountant through a friend of a friend and his firm is way too big for little old me, but he still offered over an hour of free practical advice. He didn't try and sell anything to me which is SO refreshing. I continuously feel like everyone is trying to charge me for everything or pitch me their business services. As much as I'd love to spend more money on support I'm bootstrapping so really need to be tight. I just wanted non-biased, quick-fire advice and it's exactly what I got. The meeting made me more confident to start networking with the "bigger dogs" too. People are generally really helpful and worst case they'll just ignore you (which hurts, but it's not the end of the world). So off the back of that meeting I've started contacting my business "role models" to see if they are able to spare some time to answer my questions. And it's going pretty well so far! I am also trying my best to help others at even earlier stages of business, so if anyone reading this thinks I could help - let me know. #goodkarma #whatgoesaroundcomesaround
  • Vlogger Unboxing: One of the bloggers who came to my Pop Up Parlour event posted her unboxing video and it was so great. I'm always thrilled to hear what people think, but it's even more exciting watching a video and seeing their thoughts and reactions. It does remind me I need to get cracking on my affiliate programme though! You can see the full unboxing here. I've also added all the most recent reviews, vlogs and blogs onto the "Press & Reviews" section so make sure you check that out!

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