Glitz over Bitz: Step 1 - The Wardrobe Detox

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The GLITZ OVER BITZ blog series is all about decluttering and having a more minimalist approach to life. I posted an Instagram story recently about this and was so pleased with the response from friends and followers all giving me bits of advice! So many of you told me it's something you are working towards too which is super inspiring. In case you missed it here is a bit more context in my recent Instagram post:

Glitzbox Instagram Screenshot

Glitzbox instagram screenshot

I am mostly writing this to keep track of my steps towards a more minimalist life as I truly think owning so much stuff you don't use is wasteful and makes your living space less relaxing. I also hope it might inspire some of you to have a little wardrobe detox too! If you do please share any tips and if you have any book recommendations or things that have worked for you please do send my way!

So step one was to declutter my room starting with my wardrobe. I didn't think I was a hoarder, but retrospectively maybe I am! I share a relatively small London bedroom with my boyfriend and work from home a lot. At the end of last year was starting to feel really overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" around me all the time. It never felt like there was enough room for everything and that led me to getting messier and messier. My mindset became that there wasn't much point in tidying as it still always felt overcrowded.

I am guilty of not regularly going through my clothes and sorting out what I do and don't wear so I thought that would be a good place to start. I know for a fact there are things I don't like wearing and items I haven't worn in ages. So the plan was to completely empty my closet and all drawers being really stringent by creating 4 piles:

1. Things to throw away or donate
2. Things to keep, but check back on in a month
3. Things to put away until Summer
4. Maybe pile. Things I want to keep but not sure why. Put away and check back in a month to see if I missed anything

I also found a 5th pile which was white items of clothing that I wasn't wearing because they were just a little bit off white or stained. So I made a pile that needed a proper vanish soak and wash and if they didn't clean properly they needed to go in pile #1 and if they looked wearable again back into pile #2.

I filmed the whole thing and it took about 2 hours (with a few tea breaks in between!) to go through everything, refold and organise. I made a shorter time-lapse video but that was still about X minutes long and realistically who would want to watch that? So I've cut it down to a few short snippets which show what I learnt and discovered whilst cutting out the wardrobe clutter.

1. Finding things I thought I'd lost

2. Things with stains that need to be chucked or dry cleaned once and for all

3. Clothes with labels still on! Fair enough it was just after Christmas but when I really love something I rip the label right off and wear it as soon as possible after getting it. So if it's still not been worn there may be a reason...

4. Finding things I don't enjoy wearing / are uncomfortable / don't fit well

5. White items that just aren't that white any more and therefore I don't wear them. I still liked a lot of the pieces so decided to do a strong white wash and see if I could fix any or get rid of them once and for all

So overall I think it was super worthwhile (alas a little boring at times), just need to get into the habit of keeping things tidier so it's not a huge task next time. Any tips on keeping up these habits would be fab!

Some I have found so far:

1. Put all the hangers facing one way and every time you wear something turn the hanger around. Then after a month or two look at the things you haven't worn and decide whether they are really worth keeping or just taking up room. Same can work with clothing on a shelf, leave an empty space and move clothes every time you wear them

2. I am going to create a inventory of the clothes I have and create a little booklet of outfits I like to wear. This will hopefully make mornings easier as I can just pick a pre-made look rather than think to much about what to wear. I'll write a new blog post when I get this done!

3. Find a specific place for everything. This is something I am going to implement more generally in the rest of my room / flat. Finding items "place" means it's easier to keep things tidy and notice what things do and don't get used. A lot of my things just sit on surfaces or I put them down in different places (aka the floor) and then can't find them!

So here are the results (left is my closet and right is how I picture it - a girl can dream!)

Capsule wardrobe wardrobe goals

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Tamsin



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