Glitzview: Daisy from Wardrobe Workshop

This week I caught up with the wonderful Daisy Schubert, personal stylist, public speaker and founder of Walk in Wardrobe™️

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The WALK IN WARDROBE™ is a pop-up clothes swap with a difference: There are no tokens, no redeemable vouchers and no rejections. You just have to try on first. If it fit's you it's yours!

We are super excited to announce Glitzbox will be joining Daisy at an event in Canary Wharf on July 15th. More info or to book a ticket to join here.  

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And now, hear all about her business, her tips and her thoughts on jewellery...

Glitzbox: How did you come up with the idea for Walk in Wardrobe™️?

Daisy: I was moving yet again and decided to use my flat mate’s empty bedroom as my very first “shop floor” to swap clothes I still loved, but wasn’t wearing anymore. I invited lots of friends and had everything arranged beautifully on hangers - no sign of a rumble sale or the dreaded chaos of a pile of clothes dumped on a table. My friends and I enjoyed this sophisticated version of your good old clothes swap so much that we decided to take it to the next level and run them commercially after I completed my training as a personal stylist. Much of my work with my clients is about letting go of pieces that are no longer true to them but still in great condition. It made perfect sense to save those pieces from landfill and find them a new home, especially as my awareness for the implications of fast fashion grew. 

G: What kind of people seem to be drawn to take part in your events?

D: I find it fascinating that we attract women from all over, different ages, different backgrounds. Some are very new to the idea of textile pollution and its consequences for people and planet. Others are seasoned slow fashion supporters and enjoy to catch up with familiar faces at our events. Over the years, it has developed into a beautiful community - something I’m really proud of. 

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G: If you had one dream brand ambassador (dead or alive) for Walk in Wardrobe who would it be?

D: Oh that’s a good one! I’m already super grateful and excited to have Zero Waste Expert Kate Arnell support our event in July 2018! I think Lucy Siegle or Livia Firth would leave me completely star struck, as their work for sustainable fashion has been so groundbreaking and has shifted the awareness of so many. 

G: What about for your styling business, who would be someone you'd love to work with (dead or alive!)?

D: My dream clients are the extraordinary every day women I already choose to work with. I know this sounds cliché, but they are the real change makers, putting their all into their businesses, their families and their personal development. My purpose in their lives goes far beyond throwing the latest fashion trends at them. I have realised that so many women are stuck with limiting believes and a style narrative that has been influenced by others, usually their mothers. There is also the natural tendency to put everything and everyone else before their own needs and desires. It’s my job to challenge those defaults and discover how they can express their true self through their clothes. I’m creating peace between a person and their wardrobe which results in genuine authenticity and consistency. This then translates to how they show up in the world, impacting on all other aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally. To me, that’s when the real magic happens: giving a woman permission to lay down the mask and be herself. 

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G: What's your favourite event, campaign or collaboration you have done so far?

I’ve recently collaborated with Dating Expert Hayley Quinn on a YouTube video which was great fun! We created three dating outfit options that are easy to replicate from pieces in your own wardrobe and shared tons of styling tips. It was my first time filming specifically for a YouTube video, so a new experience for me. Loved every minute of it and can’t wait to do another one soon. 

G: Where do you see your business going in 2018?

I’m currently creating a bespoke program that I can tailor to each client’s specific needs and goals. This will allow me to serve women more powerfully and make a significant difference to their lives. 

G: How would you describe your jewellery style in 3 words?

Haha, this is very similar to a question I’d ask my clients! My overall style personality is timeless, structured and bold, so my jewellery choices generally mirror those three words. I love my jewellery to have a minimalist, classic feel to it - albeit with an edge. I often use statement earrings or necklaces to adapt my look to my mood or my audience. To me, jewellery is the easiest way to adjust my signature style to the demands of the day without loosing my core identity. 

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G: How do you feel when you put jewellery on? 

Empowered! I got one ring (you know which one, Tamsin) and I’d feel weak if I left the house without wearing it. In reverse, the moment I get home I HAVE TO take it off, as I couldn’t relax with it on. It obviously doesn’t have any special powers, but it’s become my “switch on” button for “ready for business”.

G: Do you remember the first pieces of jewellery you ever owned or the most important piece? 

To be honest, my parents have always been very pragmatic and pretty much gave up on buying me jewellery as a child because I kept loosing it. I vividly remember this gold pair of earrings that I was given as a gift by a distant aunt which read “Daddy’s Girl” - I was determined not to loose it as it made me feel so special! Needless to say, I lost one of them and treasured the remaining one in my jewellery box for many years. Is it just me or do we all have a selection of single earrings we never wear without its long lost partner but that we can’t let go of due to the many layers of meaning and memories attached to them?

G: Do you have a favourite up and coming jewellery designer at the moment?

Thanks to Glitzbox, I’ve discovered Deborah Blyth's creations and the Bark Ring in Silver is my absolute favourite piece at the moment. I feel naked if I leave the house without wearing it. There are so many others, it’d be impossible to name everyone I’ve got my eye on at the moment. 

bark ring Deborah Blyth

G: What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?
I check my phone. I know it’s so silly and technology should be banned from the bedroom, but it is what it is. Guilty as charged :) 
Check out Daisy's next event here and follow her delightfully colourful instagram account @daisyschubertuk

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