GLITZVIEW: model-bloggers Zsannett, Sara & Annabell, aka THE 4 OF US

This month we are guest blogging over on THE 4 OF US, which is a lifestyle blog run by three European models and friends, all based in London - Annabell, Sara and Zsanett. Annabell grew up in Germany, Zsanett in Hungary, and Sara in Norway. The girls have all been in the modeling industry for some time and have done high profile campaigns, editorials, and TV commercials for the likes of L'Oréal, Clinique, Coca Cola, Revlon, Marie Claire, Vogue, Rimmel London, and Links of London to name a few!

The model's joined forces and now share experiences from the modeling profession, as well as their lives in London over on

We were lucky enough to work with Annabell on our first professional shoot for Glitzbox, which you can read all about over on their blog. We also sent the girls a Glitzbox each to test which they reviewed on the blog and in the unboxing video below.

We had a chance to catch up with them this month and pick their uber-fashionable brains for some glitzy tips...

Glitzbox: How would you describe your jewellery style in one sentence?

Z: I’d say my style is rather cool, some days minimalistic, some days full of jewellery, a ring on every finger kinda’ thing.

S: Minimalistic and modern.

A: A mix of silver and gold pieces, little bit romantic or girly with a vintage touch and self made bracelets combined with beloved chunky silver rings 

three bar diamond necklace mixed metal studs

Do you remember the first pieces of jewellery you ever owned or the most important piece?

Z: My first jewellery were my earrings I got when I was a baby still, my mom still has it somewhere. But the most important one is a silver ring I got from my older sister, which I was so excited about since she is a big jewellery lover as well and I always thought she had the coolest pieces growing up. :)

 S: Being a 90s child, my very first jewellery piece must have been a woven plastic choker in proper Spice Girls style.

The most important piece I own must be a silver necklace with a blue stone in the middle which used to belong to my grandmother. 

A: Same as Zsanett, I think the first piece were the earrings I`ve got after I had my ears pierced when I was a little girl. And later on I remember that I had a baby blue G-Shock watch, which I was super proud of.

The most important piece are a pair of chunky vintage silver earrings my mum used to wear a lot when she was my age. I absolutely adore them and had them once fixed, but every time I wear them I’m afraid I’ll lose one. ;) 

silver ring in black and white street style jewellery shot

What is your top tip for styling or experimenting with jewellery, for people who usually wear the same pieces every day?

Z: My top tip is to just go for it, maybe not the biggest change if you’re uncomfortable, but experimenting is fun! Which is why Glitzbox is perfect, no need to think too hard, just try all the pieces you’re getting! :) 

S: Being someone who likes more minimalistic jewellery, I think you can experiment with new pieces without needing to go for anything extreme and over the top. Why not get some elegant and simple pieces which are timeless, and can go well together with what you already have!

A: A tip would be to find some similar pieces to the collection you already have, which fit in with the style to mix it up a bit or to even stack some more rings or 2 necklaces together for example or just try out something totally different (if you feel confident enough) and see how your friends, colleagues or family react to it and if it’s something you could see to wear every day. ;)

gold cuff bracelet silver 3d printed ring

Do you have a favourite up and coming designer at the moment?

Z: I’m always interested in up and coming designers, however, I don’t yet have a favourite one. :)

S: I couple of months ago Annabell, Zsanett and I all got to try out a box each from Glitzbox for a month. This is when I got introduced to the London based designer Mei-Li Rose, who created exactly the type of jewellery which I love. So this must be my favourite designer at the moment :)

A: I love Bianca Jones designs: I could nearly buy everything she makes, It’s so romantic and personal, which I like a lot about her designs. I feel like there is a story behind the pieces she creates as she personalizes lots of her jewellery for each customer.

nails and silver ring silver minimalist bracelet

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