Boxession - Michelle Reviews Glitzbox Part 2

Read what Michelle from Boxession thought after wearing her Glitz for a few weeks...

"After discussing GlitzBox with the other admin ladies, we agree that GlitzBox would be great for anyone who likes to keep up with the latest jewellery trends, but doesn’t have the budget to buy new expensive jewellery each month. It’s perfect for anyone working in PR, fashion or even Instagram models.

I love that part of GlitzBox’s concept is to help people move away from throw away fashion and jewellery, and move towards quality pieces that don’t just end up being resigned to the bottom of your jewellery box or thrown in the bin. I know that I’m guilty of buying cheap pieces of jewellery and only wearing them once or twice, and having more expensive pieces would make me more likely to wear them more frequently."

Read the full review here

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