Nadia from Scandi Mummy Reviews GLITZBOX...

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Scandi Mummy reviews GLITZBOX

The new jewellery subscription that is Glitzbox seems a wonderful idea. I love a bit of bling to brighten up my everyday mum uniform of jeans and t-shirts and make me feel just that bit more sparkly. Though with a toddler in tow I rarely get an opportunity to shop in peace, so receiving a box of selected jewellery each month seems like a great treat.

Sometimes I feel terribly guilty of waste. I recently cleared out my jewellery box and discovered how much junk I’ve bought over the years. The concept of Glitzbox is not necessarily owning the pieces, though you can buy any of the ones sent to you, but a way to share and discover quality jewellery from new artists as well...

To read the full review from Scandi Mummy follow this link.

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